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AARP did a search to find the “perfect retirement destinations” and looked at financial data for 350 cities across the United States. The research also included cultural data. Just because a city is deemed an retirement destination, there needs to be more than the affordability factor – like things to do and why would I move there. The factors considered were: property and sales tax rates, median housing price, and cost of living based on tax rates on pensions and Social Security. These are the 10 retirement destination that looked good from both a financial standpoint and livable.

City Median House Price Sales Tax State Tax on S.S. State Tax on Pension
Winchester, VA $151,500 5% None Partial
Portland, ME $202,800 5% None Yes
Gainesville, GA $141,800 7% None Yes
Wenatchee, WA $192,000 9% None None
Tulsa, OK $125,600 5.5% None Yes
Cheyenne, WY $141,400 6% None None
Columbus, IN $124,400 7% None Yes
Harrisburg, PA $144,200 6% None Partial
Ithaca, NY $146,100 8% None Partial
Midland, TX $96,600 8.25% None None


To learn more about these retirement areas follow this link: Top 10 Retirement Destinations

Source:AARP Magazine September/October Issue

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