Most people discount the idea of buying or selling a home during the Fall/Winter season believing the best time is in the Spring. There are several reasons for both buyers and sellers to take advantage of this time of year to move forward with their real estate plans.

During this time most people are busy planning and enjoying the holidays and spend less time shopping for a house. This is also a good time for buyers to evaluate properties during the rainy and cold seasons for possible issues with homes that would not be evident on those bright sunny and warm days. Multiple bidding wars also subside which might mean less overbidding.

The same is true for sellers. Many homeowners don't want to put their homes on the market during the holiday season yet the thing to keep in mind, people shopping for a home during this season are serious buyers. During the holidays the decorations add an element of warmth and festivity to the look of a home. With the real estate market rebounding, we will probably see more sellers coming to market in the Spring. If your plans are to sell your home get ahead of the crowd and limit the competition.

Is there a "perfect" time to buy or sell a home? Not really–yet this time of year might be the best time for you.


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