Do Not Pay Upfront Fees to Participate in the “Keep Your Home California” Program

Save Your Home California – Beware of anyone asking for upfront fees. The Keep Your Home California application is a free program. Do not fall into the trap of anyone calling you and asking for fees to apply for this program. The latest scam is telemarketers calling distressed California homeowners and asking for $900 upfront to help these people apply for the program

Keep Your Home California was put in place in 2011 to help people who have fallen behind in their mortgage payments catch up or relocate after a short sale. Reasons for falling behind are loss of a job, income reduction, and loss of equity in their homes making it impossible to refinance.

Keep Your Home California to date has  helped about 12,000 borrowers, reflecting more than $200 million in aid. 

To learn more about the program, contact the California Housing Finance Agency at 888-954-5337 or visit their website

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