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Danville October Home Sales

For the month of October 2015, there were 46 closed sales. As we are nearing the holidays we are seeing less homes selling. There are currently 70 homes on the market which has been about the norm during any month this year. Sales prices are flattening out – no major highs or lows which is good for the market. Here are the Danville home sales results:

  • 33 New Listings
  • 35 Pending Sales (under contract)
  • 46 Closed Sales
    • $1,270,944 Average Sales Prices for Closed Sales
    • $1,137,000 Median Sales Price
    • $2,590,000 Highest Sales Price
    • $820,000 Lowest Sales Price
    • Average Days on Market – 31

Monthly sales trend for Danville Homes Sold

2015 Monthly Sales Thru

Danville CA Home Sales Results September 2015

Danville real estate market activity for September 2015 for single family detached homes:

  • 71 Homes Listed
  • 48 Homes Pended – went under contract
  • 45 Closed Sales
    • Average Sales Price $1,258,498
    • Median Sales Price $1,083,000
    • Highest Sale Price $3,775,000
    • Lowest Sales Price $727,350
  • Average Days on Market 33

Of the  45 closed sales in Danville, 30 sold in zip code 94526 and 15 closed sales in 94506.  The number of homes listed in all of Danville for September is up over that of August by 10 listing. Our inventory is creeping up with 101 current listings and average days on market is slightly higher, compared to results for September 2014 at 22 days on market.

Current trend for Danville homes by month thru September 2015:

Danville Home Sales

July’s spike in average sales price is due to three homes that sold for over $3,000,000. There were only five homes over three million for the entire year with one in June at $3.4 mil and one in September at $3.7mil.

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San Ramon Home Sales Activity

The activity for San Ramon for August 2015 had a total of 75 closed sales. Higher than August 2014 up 9 percent for the average sales price. Here is a recap for August 2015 San Ramon sales:

2014 2015
# Units Listed  73  73
# Units Sold  67  75
Average Sales Price $942,612 $1,033,447
Median Sales Price $875,000  $950,000
Highest Sales Price $1,925,000 $2,200,000
Lowest Sales Price $535,000 $640,000
Average Days on Market  18  20

Here is a monthly recap of San Ramon homes sales – gives you a perspective of how the market is trending. Right now prices are holding steady and probably will do so thru the end of the year.

San Ramon Sales







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Alamo CA Market Stats August 2015

Homes in Alamo CA average sales price for the month of August 2015 was $1,702,941 .  While there are many variables to determining the market value of a home, the purpose of using the average sale price is to determine overall which way the market is trending. Looking at the 2014 average sales price in Alamo of $1,602,000 it clearly shows for the same time period prices are up 6%.

This chart shows the sales results for August 2015 compared to August 2014.

August Market Data 2014 2015
# Units Listed   19   20
# Units Sold   31   17
Average Sales Price $1,602,000 $1,702,941
Median Sales Price $1,500,000 $1,515,000
High Sales Price $3,000,000 $3,495,000
Low Sales Price $1,000,000 $850,000
Avg. Days on Market   28   36
Sales Price to List Price (average)   Even   2% over list

This chart shows the trend for Alamo Home Sales by month for 2015. The spike in April is attributed to 4 houses selling for over three million dollars, ranging from $3,200,000 to $3,600,000. June thru August prices are holding steady.

Alamo CA Home Sales








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Danville Home Sales Activity August 2015

For the month of August, 80 single family detached homes sold for an average sales price of $1,260,495. This is up 7% from 2014 for the same time period. The median sales price for homes in Danville is $1,172,500, considerably higher than all of 2014. Overview of Danville home sales compared to August 2014:

2014 2015
# Units  70   80
Average Sales Proce $1,174,745  $1,260,495
Median Sales Price $1,098,580  $1,172,500
High Sales Price $2,462,000  $2,300,000
Low Sales Price $649,000  $745,000
Average Days on Market    25    19
% List Price to Sales Price   100%   100%

Here is a recap of average sales prices for Danville homes sales by month:

Danville Monthly Sales


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