Crow Canyon Country Club a golf community is not just for people, it appears turkeys really enjoy our country club living.

A few months back we had over a hundred turkeys in the complex and they were causing all kinds of havoc and actually being quite aggressive–chasing people, holding up traffic, fighting among each other. Not to the mention the constant screaming and chatter.

So the Crow Canyon board decided something had to be done and that Crow Canyon would no  longer be called home for the turkeys and took measures (I’m not sure what – although I heard rumors it was all done under the cover of darkness) to get rid of them.

For a while there were no turkeys to be seen in the Crow Canyon complex, but in the past couple of weeks there are two that have decided to hang out and take up residence in trees above our home. Every night they fly in – perch on a branch and go to sleep. They are up early just before dawn making their turkey noises to be sure they wake us up too, and then they are gone for the day – off to work I suppose?

Every time I see a turkey fly I think of the episode on “WKRP Cincinnati” where they owner of the station wanted to give away turkeys. Took them up in a helicopter and let the turkeys drop – only they didn’t fly. Click the link below to watch a clip from the show

WKRP Turkey Drop from Mitch Cohen on Vimeo.

We are hoping that they are not off during the day rounding up more turkeys to invade our grounds later this year.  They, of course,  have no idea if the decide to inundate this complex again the same drastic measures will be taken to be rid of them. I guess that is the life of a Turkey!

In the meantime the two that have taken up residence in Crow Canyon seem to be harmless!

Crown Canyon Turkeys in Trees

Crow Canyon Country Club is a great community – interested in living here give us a call. Here is a preview homes for sale in Crow Canyon.

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