The Danville-Alamo Newcomers Dinner for 8 turned into 28 last evening. Once a year all the individual “dinner for 8” groups gather to celebrate the Holiday season.

The Newcomer’s Dinner for 8 has given us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people in ourĀ  area. Once a month 8 of us get together to enjoy wonderful food, wine and of course, the people.

Last nights event was so organized down to the tiniest detail. Labels with our names on the wine glasses so we didn’t forget where we put it down or worse yet, drinking someone else’s wine – never a good idea. Rotating seating after each course so we had the opportunity to mix and mingle with everyone.

Food – so much food – and delicious. The theme Italian. And who doesn’t like Italian food – especially the desserts.

Lots of fun, laughter and new acquaintances – what better way to celebrate the Holiday Season!!

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