Home alarm systems are not always accurate as was attested to by the number of burglar alarms transmitted to the Danville Police Department in 2010. It is quite astonishing that the vast majority of these calls are not accurate and are costing taxpayers money to the tune of $69,000. 98.5% of the calls were false – 2297 total burglar alarm calls of which 2264 were determined to be false. That leaves 33 calls which were triggered by a door or window left open and there was no evidence of any burglar crimes.

The amount of money being spent by the City can definitely be put to better use of our Police resources.  To deter these types of calls, a new ordinance will become effective in 2012. There will fees for violating the ordinance:

  • Warning letter for the first violation
  • $50 fine for 2nd violation
  • $150 fine for 3rd violation
  • $300 for any violations over 3 in the same year

There are some simple steps homeowners and businesses can take to eliminate the risk of their alarm going off without cause:

  • Make sure all doors and windows are closed when activating the alarm
  • Keep pets from roaming about the premises
  • Check the equipment to make sure it is in good condition
  • Make sure all motion detectors are at appropriate heights – especially if you have pets
  • For a business – make sure all employees are properly trained on how to activate and deactivate the alarm

To learn more about the alarm ordinance and the alarm permit, visit the www.danville.ca.gov.

Source: Danville Today

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