For the month of August, 80 single family detached homes sold for an average sales price of $1,260,495. This is up 7% from 2014 for the same time period. The median sales price for homes in Danville is $1,172,500, considerably higher than all of 2014. Overview of Danville home sales compared to August 2014:

2014 2015
# Units  70   80
Average Sales Proce $1,174,745  $1,260,495
Median Sales Price $1,098,580  $1,172,500
High Sales Price $2,462,000  $2,300,000
Low Sales Price $649,000  $745,000
Average Days on Market    25    19
% List Price to Sales Price   100%   100%

Here is a recap of average sales prices for Danville homes sales by month:

Danville Monthly Sales


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