I am not sure of the exact number of people that attended this year’s July 4th parade, but it may have been close to the numbers reported in previous years up to 40,000. The streets were lined with people who many had staked out their spot either the evening before or early Monday morning. This is a great community event and one reason to live in Danville, CA.

There were blanketed areas, chairs 3 deep in some areas, canopies to provide shade, tailgaters and several who stood the whole time. We parked our car at our office in the Rose Garden and walked the few blocks to find a spot for viewing.

July 4th is Independence Day and it was really emotional to see so many service people marching in the parade – from Pearl Harbor solders to Vietnam Vets to those who have served in the more recent military activities. As they approached people were getting up out of their chairs applauding as a way to show our appreciation and to say thank you. These are the people that fight for our freedoms that make this such a great Country.

Trader Joes’, Safeway and Pete’s Brass Rail were a few of the floats to represent our local merchants as was Wells Fargo rising down Hartz Avenue in their signature Stage Coach.

This is such a great community event that brings families and friends together, especially for the children all of whom I observed were having fun.

The other highlight besides the parade was the strawberry milkshake we enjoyed at Vally Medlyn’s (after all it was a holiday) as we were able to watch the last half hour of the parade while eating lunch.

I left my camera at home and tried using my cell phone to take photos, unfortunately the phone did not do such a good job, but here are the ones I have.

American FlagStart of Danville ParadeOld Time Police Car

World War 2 Vets

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