Danville Open House Danville Open House on a Tuesday – Against City Ordinances-Who knew?

I like doing open houses. Open houses have been a terrific lead generation tool for me. I meet some very nice people, get clients and make new acquaintances.

My thinking is that houses are not only purchased on Saturdays and Sundays – I have know people that buy during the week. I had the opportunity to hold a listing open this week, courtesy of another agent in our office.  The house was vacant so it was easy to access and setup.  You never know who will walk in and when. Besides I can sit at the open house with my computer  just as easily as my Danville home office.

I  received a call from a Realtor who was nice enough to inform me I forgot to pick up one of my open house signs Sunday evening. My reply – “I just put the signs out – I am doing an open house today.”

She laughed and went on to tell me that according to Danville City Ordinance, we are only allowed to put open house signs out on tour days, Saturday, Sundays and holidays. She learned the hard way when the City picked up her signs. It costs money to get the signs back. “Too bad – the ordinance is on the books – pay up.”

I didn’t know that Realtors are restriced to making a living selling Danville homes only to the weekends. Open houses are a great way to meet buyers and to give more exposure to the sellers’ houses.

Thankfully all my open house signs were in tact at the end of the day. I retrieved them without a hitch.

Danville Tuesday open houses are now a thing of the past–for now. Want to buy a Danville house – call me I’ll be here.

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