I run into people all that time who want to buy real estate as an investment, yet they are stumped about the best way to finance their investments. There are several strategies available for real estate investors which most people are unaware of.  Most people who want to invest rely on the conventional methods, cash, 25% down or hard money lenders (if flipping in the short term).

In addition to the public, many lenders are unaware of  all the financing programs available or how best to structure the loans for these investors. Some lenders will only lend for up to 4 properties, other up to 10.

So what is the best strategy?There is no one size that fits all, and it will depend on each individual’s criteria. Is the investment property a buy and hold – long term or short term or buy-fix and flip.

Anyone interested in learning more about financing real estate investments can take advantage of a free 1 hour real estate investment financing seminar, hosted by Bank of the West and Keller Williams Realty.

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