Sometimes even while looking for business you can brighten someone's day by asking questions and listening.

I was out in a neighborhood the other day, knocking on doors to talk to homeowners about the current real estate market and find out who was ready to take advantage of this great market.

I met a older woman who was having a hard time speaking and I wasn't sure what was wrong. She informed me that she recently had a stroke, at which point I was thinking that I should move along. Yet she was trying so hard and she really wanted to tell me about everyone on the street – who just moved in, how long some of the  people lived there, the renters, etc. So I let her talk.

She was very informative. I thanked her for spending the time to talk with me and then she thanked me saying "this was a delight, this is a break in my day". And that comment made me smile and realize that my job gives me the opportunity to meet so many people, even if they aren't considering a real estate transaction.


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