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I sometimes question whether  the best use of my time is spending 2 hours at a network breakfast when I could be doing something else. Even though I have that thought, I quickly erase it and go to my breakfast meeting. And then something wonderful happens.

Two weeks ago I listened to a presentation for a product called “Juice Plus” and the wonderful benefits that one can realize from taking this product. I have read and know that “we are what we eat” and for optimal health we should be eating 7-13 portions of fruits and vegetables every day. Every day is the hardest part. As a Realtor on the go I don’t have the time nor the inclination to consume the required portions on a daily basis. So the next best thing take my veggies and fruits in a capsule form. Convenient and easy. After 2 weeks I notice that my energy level has increased (and no I don’t sell the product).

This past week to my dismay a Broker and 3 of the agents attended the meeting. My first thought (which was somewhat short sighted and negative) “great now I have to compete with other Realtors when I was the only one for so long”. Even worse he was the guest speaker and was to be given 20 minutes to present his services and company. What an entertaining speaker. Before the presentation was over I had my business cards in hand and ready to sprint over to discuss the possibility of doing business with each other. Their company is not in the San Ramon area, they don’t do what I do and their focus is almost 100 percent investor related working with asset managers, banks etc. and investors globally who are buying these properties.

The opportunity from this meeting has a lot of potential. They do get homes on occasion in the Danville-San Ramon market and because they are over  50 miles away don’t want to service these listings and would be more than willing for me to advertise and hold open houses, plus they have a network of investors that will buy under valued properties in any area.

Other benefits I have received from this group – best priced printer in the area, kitchen and bathroom remodel specialists, insurance brokers, cleaning service that will pick up and deliver our laundry to the meeting and give us a 10% discount. This list goes on and on.

It is about showing up and being open to possibilities. I never know where the business is going to come from and from who or the products and services others sell that can enrich my life.

So yes those 2 hours every other week are definitely worth my time!

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