Losing your home is an awful feeling. Regardless if it is through a Short Sale or Foreclosure. I know. No one plans for this. It happens and dealing with it causes trauma for the whole family.  It is painful both physically and mentally.

It is not just hard on the parents–the children suffer as well. They are displaced, perhaps having to go to new schools and not knowing why. They feel the stress in the family and probably feel helpless because they can’t help mom and dad.

Mom and dad in many cases don’t know where to turn. Oh yes everyone has heard there are loan modification programs, but making that first call in many instances is the hardest call to make. And the sad truth is  very few loan modification programs have been successful for the masses.

We all hope that some miracle will happen and money will fall out of the sky to get us thru this crisis. And when it doesn’t, sometimes it is too late to do anything.

When we finally face up to the fact that we should do something, even if it means selling the house on a short sale, the relief felt is unbelievable. The weight of the world is now off our shoulders and we can get on with our lives. Losing a home, while it feels pretty bad, is not the end of the world. The housing crisis has affected people of all professions and incomes, even real estate agents. You are not alone.

We will survive and thrive. Perhaps we can’t see that right now, but have faith – generally everything always works out in the end.

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