At an open house or viewing a home, remember that the listing agent works for the seller. Therefore, careful what you say as your comments will be relayed to the seller. Here are a few comments you might keep to yourself.

“This is at the top end of our budget”: Don’t let the listing agent know that a home is at the top of your budget. You want to keep all the bargaining chips you can, and letting the seller know your budget can hurt you when it comes time to negotiate.

“This is the one – we don’t care what it takes or how much we have to pay to get this house”. You probably should only share this with your agent so he/she can offer you the best strategy for making an offer.

“I hate the paint”: Or furniture. Or cabinets. Or any of the decor. No matter how hideous the wallpaper in the kitchen is, take care not to insult the seller’s taste. If they’re considering multiple offers, you don’t want to be the buyer that offended the seller!

“We can’t wait to renovate”: Customization is one of the big perks of homeownership, but it’s best to keep your renovation plans quiet for the moment. The seller may have a lot of memories in the home, and may not appreciate your plans to immediately tear down some walls.

Headline: Five Bathroom Trends for 2017

BathroomStaying on top of the latest trends in home decor isn’t for everyone, but even for traditionalists, it can be fun to incorporate some new ideas. Here are five bathroom decor trends that are appearing in 2017.

1. Geometric Patterns: Many homeowners are selecting bold patterns in geometric shapes, like chevrons, triangles, or hexagons. These patterns can add intrigue and continuity to your tile or shower curtain.

2. Plants: Even the best-designed bathrooms can benefit from some small plants. If you have a windowless bathroom, there are some low-light options that can survive with little maintenance.

3. Dark Colors: This can be tricky to achieve, but it comes with a big pay off. While traditional bathrooms are often painted with brighter whites and greys, opting for darker colors can make a bathroom seem more luxurious and relaxing. Imagine sinking into a deep bath with dim lighting—that might convey the appeal of a darker palette.

4. Brass Hardware: Trends often come back around, and this year, brass fixtures of the ‘70s are popular once again.

5. Minimalism: The massive master bathroom is still great, but there’s also some appeal in smaller bathroom designs. Minimalism allows for smaller spaces to feel more intimate, but still airy and open.

Mortgage Interest Rate History

For anyone who is concerned about the recent quarter point rise in mortgage interest rates, here is a look at the reality of where interest rates once were and they are now. As can be seen, we are below averages and, therefore, still plenty of time to secure a mortgage with great rates.

Interest Rate History

Selling Your Home – Consider Innovative Technology To Get You More

Real Estate technology is always changing and improving which is most cases is great for buyers and sellers. The latest innovative marketing method that our company, Realty One Group/BMC Associates , has available to real estates agents is HOMEBIDS.

HOMEBIDS is completely transparent to both the buyer and seller as it is an online bidding platform. The technology combines traditional real estate with online bidding. HOMEBIDS gives sellers a platform to sell their home in 8 days with multiple offers and reduced commission rates, in some instances paying only commission to the listing agent.

Imagine this as a seller, using HOMEBIDS …you list your home for sale on Monday. Your home is uploaded to the MLS system and syndicated to over 200 plus websites.   If you have ever sold a home,  you know about keeping everything in pristine condition as showings can occur every day at any time. With HOMEBIDS no showings until the open houses on the weekend.  Because of the limited showings and the list price, we have seen open houses with 100 or more people viewing. And sellers receiving multiple bids at fair market value. Bidding ends on the following Tuesday. You as the seller can watch the bidding and know how many offers and at what price.

No compromising on our services as we are a full service brokerage. Seller receives a full marketing plan from getting the home ready, professional photography service, brochures, on line marketing, negotiating with offers and managing all the paperwork once in escrow.

What better way for buyers to know what to offer on a property. Buyer in today’s market of low inventory are frustrated with not getting a home. Not knowing how much to offer.  Buyers you can now determine their max and make a decision on what to offer with confidence.

Considering selling your home – give me a call to learn more about the HOMEBIDS process and determine if it is the best way to market your home.


San Ramon Sales Activity for 2016

The final numbers are in for home sales in San Ramon.  On average home prices appreciated 4 percent. Here are the final results. The first chart shows sales for all of San Ramon. The next two charts are divided by zip code.

All San Ramon 2015 2016
# Units 754 714
Average Sales Price $1,040,344 $1,091,979
Median Sales Price $1,000,000 $1,025,000
Average Days on Market 19 22
Sales Price to List Price  1% over List .05% Over List
Zip 94582
# Units 414 413
Average Sales Price $1,111,263 $1,151,793
Median Sales Price $1,080,000 $1,138,839
Average Days on Market     18     24
Sales Price to List Price   1% over list   .05% over list
Zip 94583
# Units       339      299
Average Sales Price $950,318 $1,009,528
Median Sales Price $815,000 $905,000
Average Days on Market      18      20
Sales Price to List Price   1.5% over list   1% over list
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