Which Grocery Stores Increase Value of Your Home?

Research data regarding the appreciation where Trade Joe’s and Whole Foods are and the location of your home. I am not sure how valid this is, yet I found the data interesting. I would guess it depends on the demographics of any City and how many folks are into “organic” foods.

“Zillow analyzed the values of millions of homes near dozens of Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to conclude that grocery stores and home values are definitely related.

  • According to the Zillow analysis, the median home within a mile of a future Whole Foods store appreciates more slowly than other homes in the same city before the store opens. In the months before the stores open, the trend reverses and flips, so that after the stores’ opening dates, homes near Whole Foods appreciate more quickly than other area homes.
  • Homes near future Trader Joe’s locations were appreciating at close to the same rate as other homes in the same city before the stores opened. After the opening date, however, Zillow found a clear boost in home appreciation rates. Two years after a Trader Joe’s opened, the median home within a mile of the store had appreciated 10 percentage points more than homes in the city as a whole over the previous year.
  • The analysis clearly shows that homes near the stores appreciate more quickly than homes in the city as a whole. That means the two brands are very good at choosing locations that will appreciate faster in the future, or are actually spurring home appreciation growth – or some combination of the two.”

Resource: Realty Magazine

January 2016 How Much Inventory is Available?

Thinking of selling – now is the time. There are so few homes on the market anyone who wants to sell their home will encounter minimal competition. This doesn’t mean that you can put any price out there and it will sell. The right pricing strategy is still important as today’s buyers are savvy and are not willing to pay more than the market will bear.

San Ramon Valley Area Inventory of Homes for Sale

City Single Family Condo/TH/Duet Total
Alamo 25 25
Danville 29 13 42
San Ramon 29 18 47
Dublin 17 42 25
Pleasanton 37 1 38


Reverse Mortgage To Buy A Home?

Most homeowners have only heard about doing a Reverse Mortgage on the home they live in. Anyone 62 years or older can purchase a home with a Reverse Mortgage as well.

This is a Federal Housing Authority (FHA) Government program which entitles you to buy a home in any state without a monthly mortgage payment and without paying all cash. In fact you can pay half or less down and still have no mortgage payment as long as you live in the home. (Homeowners are responsible for tax and insurance payments)

The program is called the “HECM for Purchase” or “Home Equity Conversion Mortgage for Purchase”. A HECM transaction is specifically designed to help a senior purchase a new residence without being burdened with new debt. Specifically, the program allows seniors to purchase a new principal residence with a reverse mortgage in a single transaction. The program has been in existence since 2008 and very few know about it.

If you want to learn more about the program, Tane Cabe has written a book titled “Double Your Retirement Dollars” which explains the program in detail. To receive a free copy of this book, go to www.NoPaymentArnie.com
Want to talk with a local lender, let us know and we will put you in touch with lenders that specialize in Reverse Mortgages.

2015 vs 2014 Final Results

Here is the outcome for cities in San Ramon Valley for the year ending 2015. As can be noted all areas were up. And also of note is that while we are still appreciating, the rate is more in line with a balanced market. We expect to see single digit rates over the next few years, predictions around 5% to 8%.

City 2014  2015 % Change
Alamo  $1,583,812 $1,784,734 + 9%
Blackhawk  $1,561,665 $1,665,543 + 6%
Concord  $   482,115 $  530,066 +  9%
Danville  $1,184,089 $1,249,496 +  5%
Dublin  $   879,361 $   950,973 +  7%
Livermore  $   702,083 $   766, 303 +  7%
Pleasanton  $ 1,092,629 $1,191,950 +  8%
San Ramon  $   959,081 $1,040,928 +  8%
Walnut Creek  $   935,439 $1,001,732 +  6%


5% Down – New FannieMae Guidelines December 2015

Effective immediately, exciting news for home buyers in Contra Costa County. For home loans up to $629,000 you now have the choice between a conventional mortgage loan or an FHA mortgage loan both with low down payment requirements. Previously FannieMae required a minimum of 10% down on mortgage loans under $629,000 so the only option for home buyers with limited funds was FHA.

To understand the difference, FHA loans are 3.5% down. FannieMae 5% down. Generally the mortgage insurance premiums are higher on FHA loans than conventional loans, yet the biggest difference is with an FHA loan the mortgage insurance never goes away. With conventional loans, once the mortgage has reached the 80% loan to value, a borrower can request the elimination of the mortgage insurance.

Along with easing down payment requirements Fannie Mae is now requiring only one year of tax returns for self-employed borrowers. Formerly a borrower was required to have two years of self-employment tax returns.

With these changes we are hoping that more people will be in a position to buy a home.

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