This week wasn’t as productive due to the rain, which took me out of the field for two days. In any event on Monday I was in Twin Creeks got to meet seven people. Some Monday’s are really good and others are not so good as far as catching people at home.

Tuesday before the rain started I was able to meet 11 people and talk about real estate. This was the Rancho Ramon neighborhood. I received one buyer referral and one person who will be selling sometime next year.

Wednesday rained all day so I was able to catch up on paperwork.

Thursday visited Inverness park, the neighborhood off Montevideo in San Ramon and talked with 12 homeowners. So many of these people are the original owners and simply love the neighborhood. Good day met a homeowner who will be selling in the next couple of months and did not know a real estate agent. Scheduled an appointment to meet.

Friday back to Inverness as it is a big area, knocked on 75 doors and met 20 people. Had some really nice conversations about San Ramon and Inverness Park neighborhood from many of the original owners.

Saturday decided to go to Bent Creek Park. As this is a younger neighborhood, meaning young families with children even though it was a Saturday not many folks were home. I guess busy with the kids. Only met 10 people. So many people appreciate the visit and even though they aren’t selling wish me luck.

Tomorrow is a day of rest til Monday.

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