Today is November 1st Friday and I am committed to make my year end of 2013 and first quarter of 2014 the best ever. I am upping my goal from talking and qualifying 750 people to 1000 contacts. It is so amazing what I am learning. This is fun and I am meeting so many people. Today I knocked 56 doors in Twin Creeks for about 1.5 hour time span and talked with 20 people.

The weather was beautiful, perfect temperature and most everyone was friendly. I did meet a couple that will be buying as soon as their home in the Sacramento area sells. They invited me in got acquainted and they will call me when they are ready. Of course, I will stay in touch with them so they don’t forget me.

One nice lady gave me the rundown on the people on the street, who just moved in and how long the others lived there. Talked with Grandma who was visiting for Halloween who gave me lots of information about the San Ramon area from years back. It seems many years ago San Ramon was not the favored destination because there was not much here and to many it seemed so remote. How things have changed. Tomorrow is Saturday which is one of the best days to go into the neighborhoods as many people are home.

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