November 5, 2013 – back to Twin Creeks in San Ramon. Knocked 114 doors, qualified and met 30 people. 2 people gave me a lead for a person that was possibly moving. Unfortunately when I knocked the door they had already listed the home and it will be on the market next week.

Another person told me about their neighbor which for some reason doesn’t live in the home, only picks up his mail and may be selling.

One gentleman told me to knock on the door around the corner as he was told from his roofer that the homeowner might be selling. Knocked the door, the owner said they were not moving. Will definitely send him a card. Met two realtors one who works in my office. Conversations with both who said may be should do this, yet never seem to get around to it or aren’t consistent.

All in all it was a good day especially weather wise. 907 to go.

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