Today is November 6th, Wednesday and a beautiful sunny day. Met some incredible people who shared some of the history of Twin Creeks. One of the ladies I talked with said she was grateful that I came by, as she never sees Realtors – not that she is selling but it is nice to know what is going on in the market.

Stopped at a house where contractors were working, engaged the general contractor in conversation, gave him my card which he said would pass on to the owners. I am going to track down the owners to see if they have a real estate agent.

Talked to another person who will be putting their home on the market, signed with the real estate agent that sold them the house.

So today knocked 39 doors, talked with 13 folks. No leads today–still a good day because I am out in the field. Something will turn up soon. Only 894 contacts till the end of the year.

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