The last couple of days knocking doors has been a bit slow. Is it me or has everyone decided to go out. It is a little bit of both. Between both days I only talked with 15 people.

Met a gentleman that was a school teacher, now retired, who had as you can imagine many stories to tell me. He was teaching when the Dublin High School was built.  Another woman told me all about her children and that many children that attend San Ramon’s California High School go onto Cal Poly (which her children did).

Knocked on one door and the man said “how did you know we might be selling”. It’s timing. Him and his wife just started talking about selling and moving to a bigger house. Got all of his contact information as he wasn’t ready for a formal listing and did want to get a idea of prices in the neighborhood so am following up on that. And someone who will be buying in the Spring. After a brief conversation, asked that I keep in touch and gave me his information.

So while I didn’t get to talk to as many people as I would like, I have the opportunity to work with two people achieve their real estate goals.

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