For the “Very Rich ” who have oodles of money and want to live lavishly, for $165,000 per month they can rent a 5,000+ square foot apartment at the Plaza Hotel in Manhattan. The Astor Suite has undergone a two year renovation and was owned by the Vanderbilts and Astors. Royalty and dignitaries have stayed at the apartment in past years.

Millions went into the renovation, furnishings and art work. The apartment has unobstructed view of Fifth Avenue and Central Park – one would hope for this price.

At $165,000 per month that is $5,500 per night and the bill at the end of the year is $1,980,000. This is one of those financial decisions for most of us that it might make more sense to buy than rent. I don’t know we’ll just have to pencil it out.

We will probably never know who rents this luxurious apartment as this type of “monied” information is generally kept on the “qt”.

Source: CNN Money

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