San Ramon California High School in the Top 500 High Schools in America

San Ramon California High SchoolCalifornia High School located in San Ramon, Ca. ranks #250 in a recent study of  high schools across the country. The study is Newsweek’s annual survey of high schools.San Ramon is well know for the schools and this is one more reason to live in San Ramon, CA.

How the Study was conducted to come up with America’s Best High Schools

A survey was sent to 10,000 schools across the United States to determine a school’s success of turning out college-ready/life ready students. All data was based on a graduating class for the year 2010. Six components were evaluated to come up with a score were:

  • Graduation Rate
  • College Matriculation Rate
  • AP tests taken per graduate
  • Average SAT/ACT scores
  • Average AP/IB/AICE scores
  • AP courses offered

CalHigh results were:

  • Graduation Rate – 99%
  • AP/IB Tests – 0.8
  • College Bound 97%
  • Average SAT 1692
  • Student Teacher Ratio 30

Out of the 10,000 surveys sent out, 1100 schools completed the forms and were assessed. The group then whittled the results down to 500 schools, many of which are private and prep schools.

Of the 500 America’s Best High Schools – 53 were located in California. The Top 10 Schools were:

  • School of Science & Engineering Magnet                   Dallas
  • School for Talented & Gifted Magnet                           Dallas
  • BASIS Tuscon                                                                        Tucson
  • Shanton College Preparatory                                         Jacksonville, FL
  • Gatton Academy of Math & Science                            Bowling Green, KY
  • Jefferson Bounty IB School                                            Birmingham AL
  • Signature School                                                                Evansville, IN
  • University                                                                            Irvine, CA
  • Suncoast Community                                                      Riviera Beach, FL
  • North Hills Preparatory                                                 Irvine, TX

Access “America’s Best High Schools” to read more about the study and the methodology used to determine the ranking of the schools.

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