San Ramon Valley Unified School District selected Donna Kenon a 5th grade teacher at John Baldwin Elementary the teacher of the year. Ms. Kenon received the award in March of this year and at our local San Ramon Real Estate Marketing (RMA) meeting yesterday we were honored to have her as a guest speaker.

It was evident listening to Ms. Kenon that she is passionate about her chosen profession. She sees so much talent in each one of her students and does her best to help them find it in themselves.

In her talk with us yesterday she referenced that her profession and that of real estate agents is not that far apart.

Real Estate agents create communities with families. Teachers create communities with the students. Children look up to the teachers, learn from them and trust their judgement. Our clients learn about markets from us, trust us and look to us to answer questions about neighborhoods, schools and ammenities, and many times trust our judgments.

Donna related a few stories about students and some of the hardships they face. What she sees in her students, is hope. They are not caught up in the economics of the world, the negativity. What they see is possibility and a don’t give up attitude.

Everyday her students start the day saying “we believe everyone has special talents”.

We think as adults we are the “teachers” of our children, and yet sometimes it is the reverse. We can learn so much about attitude from the children, because we all have special talents.

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