Carbon Monoxide DetectorThe new law requiring all homes to install carbon monoxide detectors is effective July 1, 2011. The Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act of 2010 (Cal. Health & Safety Code §§13260 et seq.) “

It requires carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in every “dwelling unit intended for human occupancy that has any type of fossil fuel emitting device, i.e. natural gas. A carbon monoxide detector is designed to set off an alarm it carbon monoxide is detected in the air. Similar to a smoke detector which sets off an alarm if there is smoke in the air.

The device is not expensive ranging in price from the mid $20’s (Home Depot) depending on the unit you purchase. When purchasing a device – be sure to verify it was tested and certified pursuant to the requirements of the “American National standards Institute (ANSI) and Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) as set forth in either ANSI/UL 2034 or ANSI/UL 2075, or successor standards, by a nationally recognized testing laboratory listed in the directory of approved testing laboratories established by the Building Materials Listing Program of the Fire Engineering Division of the Office of the State Fire Marshal of the Department of Forestry and Fire Protection. (Cal. Health & Safety Code § 13262.)”

Just as with smoke detectors you will need to place the carbon monoxide detectors outside of the sleeping areas – near bedrooms. Home owners who do not comply with the law can be fined up to $200.

For anyone selling their home no special disclosures are required, as this is covered on the Transfer Disclosure Form each seller completes prior to selling their home as well as in the Homeowners’ Guide to Environmental Hazards.

Some areas may have other requirements so it is best to check to determine if you are in compliance. Here is one source…3 of 5 5

Source: California Association of Realtors

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