Labor dayLabor Day was founded in 1882 by either Peter McGuire general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners or Matthew Maguire a machinist. To this day there doesn’t seem to be a clear consensus of the who was the founder.

None the less, Labor Day was instituted by the Central Labor Union to pay honor to the people who toiled unrelentlessly to make this a better Country. The first labor day was celebrated September 5, 1882 in New York and the following year on September 5th as well. In 1884 the first Monday of September was selected as the day to celebrate a “workingman’s holiday”.

By 1885 other industrial areas throughout the Country began celebrating Labor Day. Oregon was the first State to enact the law in 1887. During that same year four more states joined in passing similar laws. In 1894 Congress passed the law to make the first Monday of September a national holiday.

To many Labor Day is the end of the Summer and celebrate with picnics, parties and other social events.  In some areas children go back to school the day after Labor Day. And let us not forget the fashion queens who deemed “anyone wearing white after Labor Day” a disgrace to fashion (maybe that is a bit harsh). There are still areas in this Country where this holds true. Here in the East Bay not all of us abide by this rule as our weather stays sunny and hot thru mid November.

Happy Labor Day to All – whether you celebrate with family or friends or take a well deserved day off and do nothing.

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United States Dept. of Labor

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