California is an a 4 year drought and therefore, the State is looking for ways to reduce our water consumption. An estimate by Metrostudy indicates there are about 1.18 million residential pools in California. The State has mandated all citizens reduce our water consumption by 25% of their 2013 usage.  Some cities and whole counties have put a ban on issuing permits to install a pool and refilling existing pools.

According to The California Pool and Spa Association  its in-house study shows that a standard-sized pool uses one-third the amount of water as an irrigated lawn after an initial fill.

Currently in Contra Costa County watering of lawns is limited to two days per week. Households that use 200 or more gallons per day on average will see an increase in their water bill.

To learn more about Contra Costa County mandates Рvisit

If the drought continues there won’t be the question – fill the pool or water the lawn. The bigger issue will be how do we run our household with limited water supplies?






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