Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (CCCSD) Raises Sewer Charge $60 Over Next 2 Years

At a public hear in June the Contra Costa Sanitary District’s Board of Directors raised the sewer service charges to over 116,000 residents. The board determined that the two $30 rate increases were in line with the increase in the costs to manage sewer service and maintenance.

It was not the increase of $30 per year for the next two years-but the number of residents responding to the proposal. Public utilities in California can’t raise rates without giving the constituents an opportunity to protest the proposed increase. To that end, in April a letter was mailed to over 116,000 residents who would be affected by the increase. If more than 50% of the people protested before the hearing on June 2nd- the increase would not have occurred.

Of the 116,000 residents that had a say in the increase only 149 responded with a protest.  So the question did everyone agree with the increase or did they ignore the letter? I would like to think it was the first option that the Contra Costa Sanitary District deserved the increase.

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