What is Smart 911 and How Does It Work for San Ramon Valley Residents

San Ramon Valley Residents have access to a service called “Smart 911” and is paid for by the San Ramon Valley Fire District

Homeowners register name, address and home phone number and whatever background information you want the 911 operator to have on hand if there is an emergency call from the residence. Items such as:

  • Allergic reactions
  • Medicines taking
  • Pets
  • Special information
  • Access to the house
  • Handicapped situations

Basically any information you want the first responders to know about you and your family so they are able to manage the situation.

Simply go to the website and register and enter your information www.Smart911.com

In order for Smart 911 to work you must go through 911 service.

Here is a brief video describing the benefits of the Smart 911 technology that is becoming available throughout the United States.

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