I often get asked the questions – “What is the Seller’s Bottom Line – What will they really take for this house”

The only answer I can give is “Probably the Asking Price”.

Why do I say this is the only answer I can give, there are a couple of reasons.

I never really know what my sellers will take. Yes there is an agreed upon amount when putting the home on the market. The price is generally in line with current market values. Yet depending on “life” – situations change.

My fiduciary responsibility is to the Seller not to a potential buyer nor other agents. As listing agents, sellers motivation and financials are confidential and without consent from the seller to discuss this I cannot and will not breach this responsibility.

The only way to determine what a seller is willing to accept for their home is to make an offer. Make an offer based on your motivation and ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I really want this house?
  • Is the price in line with market value?
  • How will I feel if I make a low offer and don’t get the house?

Until an offer is made, I really don’t know what my Seller will take. Sure they tell me “we won’t take a dime less than” and yet when the offer appears it could be a whole new ball game. The sellers motivation at the time of listing may be completely different when they get a contract.

So the question “what will they take” is really a mystery to all of us and sometimes even to the Seller. If you are really not sure – just offer full price – I’m certain that will please the Seller.

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