A recent survey conducted  by Mortgage Marvel, a nationwide online mortgage-shopping service showed that Californians have the highest credit scores on average across the country. This is almost hard to believe as we also have a large number of foreclosures. If you look at the population in California, ti is the highest of any State and that may be the reason. It is all in how the numbers are crunched.

The average credit score in California is 755, 20 points higher than the national average. Hawaii came in second at 752, and next in line is Oregon with an average score of 751. All 3 areas are relatively close in the scores.

The Southeast region showed the lowest credit score rating with  Mississippi being the lowest with a score of  695.  All in all considering the  economy and the hardships many have endured over the past few years, these credit scores are not that bad.  According to many loan officers I speak with a credit score is the 700’s is pretty decent, and those in the mid to high 600’s can still get a mortgage loan.

Source: DSNnews.com

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