BuyerBrokerAgreementHere are my top 6 reasons why I ask buyers to sign a Broker/Buyer Agreement:

          1. I want to know that you will be loyal.
          2. I want to know if we show you houses, that you will complete the transaction with me
          3. I want you to know that I am representing your best interests
          4. I want to know that while you may be out looking at open houses you will not be swayed by other real estate agents and if you find something, will call me.
          5. I want to know that while I am working very hard to find you the right house, negotiate the best price and manage the escrow, you understand the value of my services
          6. I want to get paid. Real estate is my job and I only get paid when the transaction closes.

So don’t be afraid to sign a buyer/broker agreement. If for any reason you find that you and your agent do not mesh, you can cancel the agreement.

Rapport and trust are essential ingredients for a successful real estate transaction for all parties involved

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